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The things you yearn for can feel like untamed animals, and the thought of unleashing them might seem terrifying. Too often we squash down what we really want in order to make others happy, to be polite or in order to not seem like “too much.”

The truth is, your longings are the keys to unlock real intimacy, deep connection, hot sex and an authentic life. When you learn to ask for what you want in the bedroom, the living room and the boardroom, the world opens up for you.

I’m Marcia B, and I help women and people who love them find the words to talk about what’s really going on. So you can live, love and lead in the ways that matter to you.

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Let’s straighten out your boundaries.

Your boundaries are beautiful. They are the secret sauce to creating intimacy, getting your needs met and having a good life. They provide framework your life, one in which you can thrive.

You don’t need to feel guilty for having them or get twisted up about saying no. Having boundaries doesn’t make you “needy” or not chill. You can set clear boundaries even when things feel fuzzy. And you don’t have to tolerate people pushing back on you.

Imagine we had a little over an hour to have tea, and you asked for my best tools for healthy, nourishing boundaries.

That’s the Better Boundaries Crash Course.

Take a peek

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Marcia Baczynski is a force of power in a world where women do what they’re told way too often. She consistently amazes me with her keen insights about people and her ability to conceive of unique ways that we can take bigger risks and relate to one another in an effort to create more authentic relationships. She has a wonderful blend of open heart, powerful communication abilities, and agile mind that can tease through a mess of confusion to get to the heart of what is really important in order for a person to grow.

I never hesitate to refer my clients, prospects, and friends to her, as I know they’ll be met with a skilled coach who can take them far beyond their own perceived limitations. I recommend only the best and Marcia is one of the BEST! I couldn’t be more excited for the good girl recovery program. So many women will be changed by this powerful offering!”

~ Amy Jo Goddard, Sexual Empowerment Coach, Napa, CA

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