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Nancy Peach Name Tag“I originally contacted Marcia because my husband and I were unsure where we wanted to take our relationship. We were not sure about having an open relationship and Marcia was right on with us and assisted in the clarification significantly. Not only did she focus us on what to work on, Marcia assisted me with my own creativity and business. Marcia encouraged me to read and journal which catapulted my art career. 

The confidence that came so freely was embedded into my consciousness with the intense work that I did with Marcia. I have the pleasure to highly recommend Marcia for coaching whether it be for personal, business or relationship.”

~ Nancy Peach, Erotic Artist, Marin

Amy_Jo-222_LowRes“Marcia Baczynski is a force of power in a world where women do what they’re told way too often. She consistently amazes me with her keen insights about people and her ability to conceive of unique ways that we can take bigger risks and relate to one another in an effort to create more authentic relationships. She has a wonderful blend of open heart, powerful communication abilities, and agile mind that can tease through a mess of confusion to get to the heart of what is really important in order for a person to grow.

I never hesitate to refer my clients, prospects and friends to her, as I know they’ll be met with a skilled coach who can take them far beyond their own perceived limitations. I recommend only the best and Marcia is one of the BEST! I couldn’t be more excited for the good girl recovery program. So many women will be changed by this powerful offering!”

~ Amy Jo Goddard, Sexual Empowerment Coach, Napa, CA

“She was so instrumental in our journey that we asked her to be the officiant at our ceremony!”

“I count Marcia among my blessings. Her excellent guidance, humor and insight have been crucial in my successful non-monogamous relationship. She came into my life at a time when things seemed unsteady and scary, and has helped me achieve a wonderful level of honesty and understanding, and a lifelong commitment, with the man who is now my husband. She was so instrumental in our journey that we asked her to be the officiant at our

~ Georgina Walsh, San Francisco

“It was a free class you had last fall… when I came up with the word Stimulation, to describe what my heart wanted most.

I have it, now.

I thought about listing so many of the ways I feel shaken up and shined up and futurized and revitalized and happy, but there’s too much. I’ll write my own list; maybe I’ll send it later. The thing they all have in common though is that they are, or bring about, new experiences. I need excitement in my life. (And some aren’t even wild; just changes from the norm, like these fun sunglasses I bought that tint things in a way that makes my brain happy.)

I am so happy. I’m making my own life exciting. I am in full integrity, I feel as authentically expressed as I ever have, I have loving and fulfilling relationships. There are challenges and things aren’t perfect, but they’re aweseome.

“I feel I am the best version of myself I have ever been, by a mile, and only getting better.”

Thank you for being a significant part of this growth spurt, for inspiring me to be bold enough to carve myself into the woman I’ve always wanted to be. I feel I am the best version of myself I have ever been, by a mile, and only getting better.”

~ Caryn, New York City

“We have been able to communicate better than we ever have.”

“As a result of our work with Marcia, we have been able to communicate our needs better and strategize about the relationship dynamic that will best work for us, instead of a relationship dynamic that is assumed without critically examining what was important to us.

Before working with Marcia, we were interested in opening up our relationship, but didn’t have the knowledge or skillset to proceed. Through our work with Marcia, we have been able to communicate better than we ever have, and have been able to renegotiate the boundaries of our relationship in a way that works for both of us (and leads to more hot sex!)”

~ Erin and Morgan, San Francisco

“Marcia’s teaching style made me feel like I could really have the relationship of my dreams. Many books, CD’s and workshops prey on vulnerable women looking for husbands, through their language, marketing, etc. Marcia already starts you out thinking “nothing’s wrong, ” and works from there. It’s that aspect that I feel enabled me to create the relationship of my dreams. Desperation breeds desperation and Marcia doesn’t allow it in her work. She instantly makes you feel at ease, safe and comfortable. I feel a level of relationship wealth that I never felt before.”

~ Birgitte Philippides, New York City
(photo by Mark Seliger)

“[The Dating Bootcamp] is an amazing intro to the nuts and bolts of dating – Marcia provides a fabulous forum for discussion, and thoughtful insight into everything from recognizing and respecting your own expectations and values to pushing boundaries and maintaining an open mind. Her breakdown of the various aspects of and stages of dating provided a clarity to the process that I have rarely heard discussed elsewhere. She is a great mentor, someone who is able to listen to any question, break it down, and troubleshoot it by providing insightful and mature approaches towards solving it. This course should be mandatory for anyone who wants to date and not lose their sanity!

~ Lisa McKowen, New York City

“I had a great experience with a licensed social worker / therapist that allowed me to get through many difficult times and learn about myself and what makes me tick. While that experience did wonders for me, Marcia entered my life at just the right moment for me to take the next step in the long journey of self-discovery. While I knew myself much better – I was still struggling to communicate effectively with people and to open myself up to intimacy and relationships. Marcia brings a different level of experience and coaching to the table. Each session provided me with actual tools and exercises and tangible things to use in my every day life as a way to gain confidence and achieve my goals. I also like that she establishes goals and sets timelines for reaching those goals so that the work we do together feels more concrete and less esoteric than regular psycho-therapy.”

~ Rosanna Tolomei, New York City

“I’ve been to other relationship coaches, marriage counselors, and couples therapists before.  Marcia is by far the best I’ve seen.  She’s brilliant, insightful, and has an amazing talent for zeroing in on the issues that matter, even when we didn’t see them clearly ourselves.

Before we started seeing Marcia several aspects of our relationship just seemed stuck.  She helped us break the issues down into manageable chunks, has great suggestions for how to deal with the details, and keeps us on track with making progress.  We’re communicating better than ever, and are dealing with situations that seemed hopelessly log-jammed.  Our messy house is starting to look the way we want it to, we’re communicating effectively about issues that seemed unmanageable, and I’m feeling like polyamory might really work for us, in a way I hadn’t thought possible.

~ Roy F, San Francisco

“I am in a polyamorous marriage. I spend a good deal of time reading, writing, thinking and even singing about the joys and pitfalls of open relationships. Nothing I have read, no class or workshop I have attended has been anywhere near as valuable to the health of my relationships as simply observing Marcia maintaining the health of hers. I have learned numerous, practical skills in speaking, listening, supporting and learning to be truly present and available. My partners and I are happier and more fulfilled in our relationships since meeting her. If this is the effect she has simply by example, I can only imagine what her focused coaching or curriculum-based programs can manifest.”

~ John Woods, “The Wet Spots,” Vancouver, BC

Before working with Marcia, my life sounded like the perfect NYC single woman’s existence: tons of friends, parties, great job, fantastic shoes. (Conspicuously absent was a close and loving partner.) Then, by working with Marcia, I was able to put all the areas of my life into proper perspective so that I could slow down and open up space for a relationship with long-term potential to grow.

“Turning down things that I used to feel compelled to do is huge!”

Amazingly enough, I am in a relationship with a wonderful man that has already lasted four months. This might not seem amazing to most people, but the last time I was in a relationship was 9 years ago! Marcia helped me get absolutely clear on what I wanted in a relationship, how to generate options to meet men that would be a fit for a long-term relationship, and how to keep things going once we started seeing each other.

Three significant results I’ve gotten are:

  • Better boundaries: turning down things that I used to feel compelled to do is huge!
  • More effective communication: I used to try and figure things out without talking much, but now I am reaching out more.
  • I’m still working on being able to ask for what I want, but it’s coming along.

I have what I want, so it’s hard to nitpick!
~ Stephanie S, New York City

“Marcia listened without judgement and observed truths that were right there, but we were too caught up to sort it out.  She has been indispensable to us, to me, to help me make small, essential adjustments, that eased my mind and heart.  I am much happier, my wife and I are much happier, and poly-rookie tormenting thoughts have fallen away from my existence.

“She has been indispensable to us, to me, to help me make small, essential adjustments, that eased my mind and heart.”

Before working with Marcia, I was afraid my wife would leave me. Her frequent protests to the contrary didn’t help. I believed she could (and might) change her mind at any moment.  I was trying to be the very best, most liberal poly-husband and friend, talking about her experiences when she came home.  I began noticing that being such a “sport” was making me unhappy, and reversing my stance seemed like bad sportsmanship…I began to dread coming home, feeling nausea as I reached for my own doorknob.

Since working with Marcia, I’ve calmed, and I believe [my wife] when she says she likes and appreciates her other men, but she’s very glad to return home to me. I honor my truth, that I’m much happier without details beyond who she is seeing and when will she be back. We are not having others over for sex, and I can comfortably approach and open our front door. I value my time alone or with my friends more, and I’m happier when we’re together.

“I am much happier, my wife and I are much happier, and poly-rookie tormenting thoughts have fallen away from my existence.”

We are beginning our second year of poly-ness, which we began at the request of my wife.  I had to cope with some thoughts and fears that just seemed “normal” to me, having absorbed as much of our monogamy-oriented culture as I have. My wife recommended we discuss our life with Marcia, to see if she could help us smooth our path. I truly couldn’t see what she could offer us. I almost fell victim to my thought, “What is she going to tell me, something I don’t know?”  The fact is, she will.  And I’m glad we sought her out. Whether you know what’s eating at you, or if you are noticing less happiness for some unknown reason, give her a call.  Make an appointment.
~ Jim L, San Francisco



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