Figuring out what lights you up and turns you on is hard enough.
Talking about it can seem impossible.

I’m here to help.

Whether it’s the nuts and bolts of sexual and erotic desire, or the more esoteric, “can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it” yearning for something different in life, I got you covered.

Your desires are normal. Your fantasies are healthy. You are not “too much.”

You are already enough.

Let’s talk about what you want. How you listen to and hold your desire. Self-love and self-care. How you know what you need and what you crave. How you create the space to be generous, without tolerating, enduring or going along with things you don’t want. How to speak up. How to say your piece. Your boundaries. Your solidness. Your grace. Your purpose. What captivates, enchants and arouses you.

There are a million things you were never taught about desire, sexuality, relationships, and boundaries. Let’s dig into them together.



Your capacity for pleasure is a natural part of being human. You were born with it. You don’t have to earn it. Pleasure is about noticing what actually brings you joy. When you know, listen to and follow what genuinely pleases you, you avoid the traps of over-consumption, over-indulgence, and gluttony. You become less easily manipulated, your confidence grows, and knowing what you want becomes second nature.


No more tolerating, enduring or going along with it. By developing exquisite boundaries, you will stop losing yourself in other people, and create the space for the things that nourish and feed you. I’ll show you how to recognize your shifting, wholesome and so-very-necessary boundaries, so you and everyone around you knows exactly where the line is.


“In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.” You are not your appearance or your productivity. You don’t need to wait to feel beautiful or worthy. Together, we’ll explore ways of loving your body, engaging in profound self-care and find ways to enjoy the skin you’re in. Let the rebellion begin!


Everyone says the key to great relationships is communication. So once you know what you want, how do you talk about it? How do you share a fantasy, bring up a scary topic, spill the beans about what you really want, or own up to something you’ve been hiding?

Together, we will find creative, empowering and accessible ways for you to say what needs to be said, powerfully and gracefully.


Surrounding yourself with a community of care that respects, honors and cares for you is crucial for staying grounded, building new habits and reminding you of the values you hold. Whether you’re hoping to find better potential partners to date, looking for support for your queer, kinky or polyamorous life, or looking to build deeper and more fulfilling friendships, your people are out there! I’ll help you find them.


Good sex is not about fancy techniques. What satisfies in sex is the degree to which you can authentically choose, communicate and act in alignment with who you are — as an individual, as a couple, in the moment. It starts with simple, yet profound awareness inside your own skin.


Your self-talk affects your relationships, happiness, energy levels and beliefs about what’s possible. We won’t pretend everything is shiny and happy when it’s not. But together we will break the artificial negative loops and self-sabotage, and find stories that are empowering, inspiring and filled with opportunities. You will gain a new sense of what’s possible and available to you.


You get to say what happens to your body. You get to want what you want, even if it’s off the beaten path. You can create a life you love out of what you’ve been handed. It’s time to let go of shame and guilt about who you are. We will work to build your resilience, find your strength and turn your lemons into the very best lemonade.

In our sessions together, sexuality, creativity, yearning, desire, passion, purpose, and longing mix freely. We will curl up with our laptops and a cup of tea to hash things out. Together, we will unearth clues and draw a map to your heart, building a practice of prioritizing pleasure, discovering choice, and communicating desires so you can create the kind of sex, life, and love you always wanted.


Soul searching. Strategies. Adventures. Permission slips. Homework to chew on between sessions. Bragging and celebrating. Tears. Messy feelings. Journaling prompts. Book recommendations. Gifts in the mail. Relevant articles. Storytelling. Collaborations. Self-care. Mini rituals. Space to breathe and be yourself.



  • A shame-free, honesty-affirming space to explore what’s true for you
  • Accurate, nonjudgmental information from a compassionate expert
  • Simple and clear language to talk about your desires
  • Practical skills to access the heart of your eroticism
  • Permission and affirmation for your desires
  • Strategic steps to get you from here to there (even if it’s off the beaten path)


Individuals only. All genders welcome.

I work with clients in 4 month blocks, and I only see a few clients at a time so I can give you my full attention and care. During that time, we’ll have 6 60-minute sessions and 5 15-minute check-ins. You have email access to me throughout our time together. All of our calls are over video (via Zoom), and can be recorded for you to review later. Our work together is customized, confidential and completely about you. There’s nothing else like it.

Payment plans available.

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