Sex Culture Revolutionary: An Interview with Polly Superstar

575482_10151062257366271_489183581_n(Originally published Feb 2015)

I first met Polly Superstar in early 2008, when I was visiting San Francisco from New York. Scheduled to be there for nine weeks while teaching and taking classes, I somehow landed at (and basically moved into) Mission Control, a sex-positive arty sexy space, co-created by a brassy Brit with big boobs named Polly.

Over the following year, as I gradually made my permanent move to the Bay, Polly was a constant fixture in my life, inviting me to strange events, letting me couch surf for weeks at a time, and captivating my attention with her ability to find play and inspiration at every possible turn.

But 2008 wasn’t all fun and games. As much as it marked a turning point in my life, Polly and Mission Control were in the midst of a transition that year too. The burden of running such a culturally important yet day-to-day grinding organization were becoming too much for Polly and her then-partner Scott. This beloved sanctuary of freakishness and fabulosity was threatening to take them under, and it wasn’t clear how it was all going to play out.

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Embodiment for Brainiacs – An Interview with Leela Sinha

rodin-thinkerDesire. Bodies. Feelings. Pleasure.

Some of us look at these things with a skeptical eye.

Others run screaming in the other direction.

For a lot of us, phrases like “Listen to your intuition,” “Trust your body,” and “What does your gut say?” sound like gibberish at best, or an invitation to disaster at worst.

But for heady people who have learned to listen to their bodies, the intuitive and gut-level is additional information that can help you navigate your world more gracefully and intelligently.

It’s just information. It’s all information.

And we all know that knowledge is power.

0622130850My friend Leela Sinha and I know this, because we’ve been there. Coming from families of engineers, mathematicians and medical professionals, we both learned from an early age to value the life of the mind, and to “figure things out.” As adults, though, we’ve each come to discover that there’s a lot more to creating a life you love than you can “figure out.”

Sometimes your gut has a lot to say, and it’s worth listening.

We recently got together to talk about this and got into the nitty gritty details of:

  • What it means, practically speaking, to be “embodied” and why it’s useful
  • How to use your body to figure out what you really want (in life, love, work and in the bedroom)
  • Simple practices for listening to your body and figuring out what it wants
  • What “intuition” is really about
  • How to use your body’s wisdom to help your mind make better life decisions
  • And loads more…

It was awesome! Lucky for you, we recorded it.

You can listen right here (right click to download)

What’s Stopping You Around Money and Sex?

Amy_Jo-222_LowResI’m really excited to let you know about a bonus interview I did with my colleague and friend, Amy Jo Goddard — an amazing sexual empowerment coach and sexuality educator based in Napa, CA. Amy Jo helps women and couples have more pleasure, better sex, and deeper intimacy in their relationships… and lately, she’s bringing in a whole new piece around money and business.

We dug deep into the patterns and beliefs that many women carry about money and sex without realizing it. She’s gave a seriously interesting head’s up about upcoming work in the Napa Valley that you won’t want to miss!

Listen in to find out:

  • what is money shame… and how does it impact intimate relationships
  • the cultural socialization around sex, relationships and money that specifically limits women
  • why women have such a hard time asking for what they want
  • the hidden archetype that blocks women around money and sex

Click here to listen.