New Year, New You?

New Year New You? That’s what all the advertisements say right now. It’s a new year, you should lose weight. It’s a new year, you should make more money. It’s a new year, it’s time to finally find a partner. It’s a new year, b [...]

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The Naked Truth About Desire Smuggling

The world is not friendly to our desires. In over a decade of relationship coaching and sex ed, I’ve talked with thousands of people about why they don’t ask for what they want. Reasons include: not knowing what to want, not h [...]

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Embrace Your Erotic Creativity

Asking for what you want — in love, in sex, in relationships — requires creativity. Yet fear, shyness, and plain old being stuck in a rut can keep you from being creative in and out of the bedroom. Erotic cr [...]

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Needs, Wants and Deal-Breakers

A client once came to me with a long list of requirements another coach had told her to make about her future husband. He had to be tall, and good looking, and wealthy, and able to be a good father, and emotionally available, [...]

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