14 Ways to Find Stability (When Everything Has Gone Bonkers)

The world around us is bananas right now. Each day brings a fresh deluge of awful news, and it seems like the world as we know it is coming apart at the seams. Everywhere I look right now, the story is the same: Dozens of my c [...]

14 Ways to Find Stability (When Everything Has Gone Bonkers)2020-04-08T07:26:14-07:00

Mother’s Day Is Complicated

Mother's Day is complicated. Nonetheless, I hope you have a happy day. For those of you who have good relationships with your mother... Or have good relationships with your children... For those of you who have lost your mother [...]

Mother’s Day Is Complicated2020-04-08T07:25:31-07:00

Self-Love Takes Practice

There are two memes I’ve seen go around in the last little while that got me to thinking about self-love. The first goes… When I saw this, it stopped my in my tracks. I have a pretty high opinion of myself (which by itself is [...]

Self-Love Takes Practice2020-04-08T07:27:47-07:00

Making Friends with Fear

Of all the reasons why people don’t ask for what they want, #1 is definitely fear. Our fears consume us, and make it next to impossible to say our desires out loud. Fear of rejection, fear of it not being what we hoped, fear o [...]

Making Friends with Fear2020-07-04T09:11:16-07:00

The Story Is Not Over

This blog post is part of #blogmarch2017, organized by the brilliant Robin Renee. This month, we are blogging in celebration of freedom of expression, knowledge and information. Each Day in May, a new writer will join the Marc [...]

The Story Is Not Over2018-07-01T16:19:02-07:00
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