Two Questions to Help You Survive the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and with them… EXPECTATIONS. Yours. Other people’s. Tradition. Obligation.  All of that stuff.  Getting through the holidays without burning yourself out or losing sight of your values can be quite a t [...]

Two Questions to Help You Survive the Holidays2019-11-25T14:11:26-08:00

Generosity vs Self-Sacrifice

I originally sent this out as a newsletter, and it got such a big and positive response, I've reposted it here.  In 15 years of coaching, I've noticed that one thing many of my clients have in common is they give and give and g [...]

Generosity vs Self-Sacrifice2019-11-21T15:47:49-08:00

The Story Is Not Over

This blog post is part of #blogmarch2017, organized by the brilliant Robin Renee. This month, we are blogging in celebration of freedom of expression, knowledge and information. Each Day in May, a new writer will join the Marc [...]

The Story Is Not Over2018-07-01T16:19:02-07:00

Mother’s Day Is Complicated

Mother's Day is complicated. Nonetheless, I hope you have a happy day. For those of you who have good relationships with your mother... Or have good relationships with your children... For those of you who have lost your mother [...]

Mother’s Day Is Complicated2019-05-12T09:15:22-07:00

14 Ways to Find Stability (When Everything Has Gone Bonkers)

The world around us is bananas right now. Each day brings a fresh deluge of awful news, and it seems like the world as we know it is coming apart at the seams. Everywhere I look right now, the story is the same: Dozens of my c [...]

14 Ways to Find Stability (When Everything Has Gone Bonkers)2018-07-01T16:32:30-07:00

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Whether this year has been awful or glorious, messy or tidy, full of heartbreak or full of love, I hope you give yourself a pat on the back this week. One of my most important annual rituals is making a list of accomplishments [...]

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back2018-07-01T16:40:22-07:00

I’d Rather Be Crazy

“What’s worse? Looking jealous or crazy? Jealous or crazy? Or like, being walked all over lately, walked all over lately, I’d rather be crazy.” This lyric from Beyonce’s album Lemonade (which she performed at the VMAs on Sunda [...]

I’d Rather Be Crazy2018-07-01T16:44:24-07:00

Self-Love Takes Practice

There are two memes I’ve seen go around in the last little while that got me to thinking about self-love. The first goes… When I saw this, it stopped my in my tracks. I have a pretty high opinion of myself (which by itself is [...]

Self-Love Takes Practice2018-07-01T16:49:11-07:00

Self-Care Is Not Optional

“Do you know the difference between indulgence and self care?” I looked into her tear-stained face. “No,” she said. “My whole life, it’s been about working my ass off, and then, when it gets to be too much, give myself a ‘trea [...]

Self-Care Is Not Optional2018-07-01T16:59:27-07:00

Making Friends with Fear

Of all the reasons why people don’t ask for what they want, #1 is definitely fear. Our fears consume us, and make it next to impossible to say our desires out loud. Fear of rejection, fear of it not being what we hoped, fear o [...]

Making Friends with Fear2018-07-01T17:03:02-07:00
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