Summerrrr tiiiimmeee… and the cuddlin’ is eeeaassy! Come and get your cuddle on at the August Cuddle Party with Marcia B! Cuddle Party is a short workshop in non-sexual touch, boundaries and communication, followed by a couple of hours to put what you’ve learned into practice by enjoying and exploring touch. (Think hugs, foot rubs,… Continue reading Cuddle Party →

We all seek deeper levels of connection in our relationships, but often encounter seemingly unsurmountable obstacles in doing so. Challenging emotions like anger and frustration can cloud our judgement and influence the words we say. Shame around our sexual desires can prevent us from asking for what we truly want. A lack of role models… Continue reading Communication skills for Extraordinary Relationships →

Do everything! Do nothing! Do it here! Sexy summer camp in Maryland brings together a wide range of people into sex, kink and spirit for a vacation like nothing else. Marcia will be presenting both popular and brand new classes. Make it a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation! Registration Click here to register for… Continue reading Dark Odyssey Summer Camp →

Bridging sex, kink and spirit in a no holds barred, sexually charged atmosphere. Interactive workshops fill your days, while at night you’ll explore dark dungeons, powerful rituals, passionate scenes, and mind-blowing ecstasy all under one roof in a proven scene friendly hotel in downtown San Francisco. Marcia will be presenting and available for consultations. Registration… Continue reading Dark Odyssey Surrender →